"Facial Aesthetics Is An Art Form, Injectables Are My Brushes."

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An exclusive facial aesthetics service. Famous for discreet personalized care where everyone is treated like a VIP. Using the latest advanced technology, we provide non-invasive injectable medicine.

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As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, he completed his science degree at the University of Central Florida. He then graduated with honors from the Medical program at the Regis Catholic University of Greater Boston and subsequently completed internships at Orlando Facial Plastics and Artesian Faces in Central Florida. 

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Who Is Dr. Cutter?

Who is Dr. Cutter?

Dr. Cutter has a long history of delivering exceptional facial aesthetics results without compromising on
safety, integrity or conservative techniques. He is committed to performing minimal treatment plans and
procedures to achieve desired results. He takes his time listening to each client’s questions and concerns
to formulate an individually designed treatment plan- tailored not only to the person’s anatomical
structures but their personality, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences as well. In other words, Dr. Cutter is
an artist in his work, he looks at the face as a whole in order to achieve excellent, natural-looking
outcomes- the authentic look.
As his testimonials confirm, Dr. Cutter is a humble, caring and attentive practitioner who goes the extra
mile ensuring his patient’s satisfaction and happiness. He is committed to follow up often on the phone
communicating with patients who have just completed their procedures, making sure each case’s
progress is on track. He is careful to give each patient the utmost personal attention, treating everyone
who enters the office as his friend and VIP. Dr. Cutter is committed to keeping a warm, friendly
environment where clients feel welcome, relaxed, and confident. He encourages everyone to feel at
home and enjoy the VIP lifestyle.
Dr. Cutter has a reputation for remarkable outcomes that exceed client’s expectations. His entire
philosophy is based on authenticity and clients get the natural-looking results they desire, perfectly
suited to their facial structures. Dr. Cutter will always suggest procedures that he is 100% certain is in the best interest of the patient. Results thus tend to appear effortless, “born this way” Dewy Byzantine-
Renaissance Natural. The 21st Century look.

Friends and family members may notice how refreshed, rested and rejuvenated you look, but they will
not know it’s because you had microneedling, non-surgical facelift or a Botox treatment. His goal is, like
you’ve never been here.
He has a reputation for telling clients no. Often client’s want procedures that he does not consider to be
in their best interests and is not afraid to tell them so. “If your injector does not tell you no on two or
three occasions it’s time to find a new provider” -Dr Cutter

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