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Dr. Michael D. Cutter

facial artist / CEO

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As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps he completed his science degree at the University of Central Florida. He then graduated with honors from the Medical program at Regis Catholic University of Greater Boston and subsequently completed internships at Orlando Facial Plastics and Artesian Faces in Central Florida. After completing his rotations, he continued pursuing non-invasive injectable medicine training in Facial Aesthetics with Dr Rajani, the industry’s leading authority. In 2019¬ after 12 years of medical practice- Dr. Cutter remained in his newly adopted city opening the VIP Med Salons Orlando Aesthetics and Tampa Aesthetics to practice and serve as an Injection specialist and CEO. He has gone through rigorous training to perfect his injecting skillset through his educational journey and clinical experience. His ultimate mission is to make patients feel special, confident and assured. This vision and mindset permeate throughout the entire practice. Once you meet Dr. Cutter you’ll be comforted by his abilities, humbleness, relatability, and patient-centered approach. This is what has made his VIP service unique and famous for discreet, personalized care.
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